26 – 28 October 2011

ICC Birmingham, United Kingdom

Jerry Hamilton

Director for Renewables - Rexel Renewable Energy

After serving an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, and with a background in building management systems, Jerry Hamilton embarked on a career in the distribution sector which in latter years has developed within the Rexel Renewable Energy Division, part of the global Rexel Group. The Group, which has a presence in 36 countries, called upon Jerry initially to explore and develop new markets for the UK, and with the emergence of interest in energy efficiency, appointed him as  Director for Renewables, to deliver a strategy for the UK & Ireland Zone. Having established the Rexel Renewable Energy Team to support and develop the embryonic market, his focus turned to engaging electrical contractors in the PV sector, to open up business growth opportunities to them. To date, PV installation training has been facilitated for 27% of the MCS customer base, and ongoing technical support, system design, and project management is provided via a team of in-house experts dedicated specifically to renewable products.


Balance of Components within PV Systems

With gathering momentum in PV projects across the UK, the return on investment continues to be all- important to the end-user / investor, and the extent to which the expertise of the installer has kept pace with new technological developments has become a key factor in the execution of a successful installation that will generate the maximum yield.

In his role as Director of Renewables for Rexel UK Ltd, Jerry Hamilton has an extensive background in the provision of PV solutions and will highlight in this presentation the importance of BOS within a PV project. Focus will be given mainly to stand-alone domestic installations and social housing schemes.
The impact of correct product selection will be covered, and the issues of compatibility of products within a system addressed.

The presentation reveals how the matching of components within a system, which is often overlooked, can be critical in maximising the yield over the life term of the system, and examines the differences between UK roofs and those of other countries, and how this impacts on the product selection and design process.

These elements combine to provide the attendee with a complete overview of the PV system in terms of how detailed planning can help avoid pitfalls and achieve the desired target return of any investor.

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