2nd – 4th October 2012

The NEC Birmingham,
United Kingdom

Coping with the Cuts Roadshows

On October 31 Greg Barker, Minister of State at DECC, made the controversial proposal to halve the feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for solar installations in each band up to 50kW, with smaller cuts in the bands from 50kW to 250kW. Since the announcement, many working in industry have prophesised that DECC has killed the industry dead.

But has it?

The continued saga and debate surrounding these changes shows just how it important it is for installation businesses across the country, to nurture the best networks and be aware of the most up-to-date information to ensure the industry continues to thrive in 2012 and beyond.

Solar Power UK will tour as a roadshow to six towns across the UK to present half day events.

Each session will discuss the real impact of the FiT cuts, the impending and possible EPC requirements, how the Green Deal will affect the PV installer, and how the UK solar industry can remain sustainable into 2012.

Who should attend?

MCS qualified installers, distributors, green deal assessors, end users and equipment vendors.

Each event will feature the following programme:

The Implementation of the Green Deal
Speaker to be announced
Analysing PV Pricing Models/How to Remain Competitive with the new FIT rates
Ray Noble, STA
Getting ready for the 1st April
Martin Cotterell, Chairman, SunDog Energy, MCS Steering Committee (29 Feb; 1, 13, 14 March)
Toby Ferenczi, CTO, Engensa (6, 7 March)
Marketing strategies to beat the cuts
Cathy Debenham, Founder, YouGen
Panel Discussion
Impact of the cuts and how to cope with them

Dates, Locations & Tickets

Wednesday, 29 February 13.30 - 17.30 Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales Buy Tickets »
Thursday, 1 March 09.30 - 13.30 Exeter Racecourse, Devon Buy Tickets »
Tuesday, 6 March 13.30 - 17.30 Salford City Stadium, Greater Manchester Buy Tickets »
Wednesday, 7 March 09.30 - 13.30 Novotel London Heathrow Buy Tickets »
Tuesday, 13 March 13.30 - 17.30 Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham Buy Tickets »
Wednesday, 14 March 09.30 - 13.30 Newmarket Racecourse, Suffolk Buy Tickets »
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Book Now!

Tickets are priced at £55 excl. VAT and £40 excl. VAT for all MCS Qualified delegates. Small booking fee applies.

Contact Chloe Theobald, Events Manager at ctheobald@solarmedia.co.uk for more details.

A Location near you?

If you are interested in attending a Coping with the Cuts event but there isn't a location listed near you, then please let us know. As the programme grows we are keen to hear more about your business and other installer businesses in your region who would also be interested in attending future roadshows.

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