2nd – 4th October 2012

The NEC Birmingham,
United Kingdom

Solar Power UK 2010

Enabling the UK Solar Market for 2011


As the first official event of the Solar Power Group, the Solar Power UK Conference 2010 attracted 462 industry professionals, giving a voice to the UK Solar Industry. The sell out event held on October 18 and 19 brought together the UK and international solar industries to discuss the UK’s burgeoning market. With over 30 specialist speakers focusing on the challenges of supply, cost and the rapid growth of solar in the UK, Solar Power UK 2010 was the industry’s catalyst to ensure a 250MW target would be achieved.


Topics Overview


  • Focus on real projects that are approved and requiring industry support to realise. Showcasing of an ambitious social housing programme targeted at the implementation of 200,000 roofs and five individual 5MW solar parks.

  • Promote direct discussion between government and industry to tackle some of the big questions: Will ROCS be replaced with an FiT for projects greater than 5MW? How can the industry self-police rogue traders to safeguard the reputation of the emerging industry?

  • Engage with key market segments in the UK industry through their respective bodies, i.e. farmers, social housing, utilities, building integration, domestic installers, among others.

  • Understand the complicated legal framework surrounding installations and the financing involved.

  • Provide a round-up of the current financial methodologies being pursued or enacted in the UK.

  • Directly educate surveyors, planners, local governments and public-private partnerships on the opportunities presented by PV adoption.